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Compact pick & carry from Valla

Manitex Valla has added another model to its new range of battery powered pick & carry cranes with the introduction of the compact 3.6 tonne V36R.

Joining the eight tonne V80R and 11 tonne V110R launched in 2020, the new V36R features a three section boom and can handle 800kg at its maximum height of 7.5 metres and 500kg at its maximum radius of 4.75 metres. An optional hydraulic swingaway extension provides a tip height of 8.6 metres with a 450kg capacity and a maximum radius of just over six metres with a 250kg capacity.

Power comes from an 80 volt/300Ah battery pack, while features include remote controls, 180 degree rear steering, front wheel drive, electro-hydraulic brakes, removable counterweight and a 2.15 metre turning radius. Unlike the V80R and V11R however the V36R has a fixed length chassis - with no need to extend the counterweight rearwards.
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The V36R is the third model in Valla's new range of battery powered pick & carry cranes

Weighing 3,650kg, it has an overall width of 900mm, an overall height of 1.56 metres and an overall length of 2.46 metres to the front chassis, or just over three metres from counterweight to boom nose. The compact dimensions make it ideal for work in tight spaces.

Valla general manager Carlo Forini, said: “The primary goal that we set ourselves in the design of the new V36R was to combine maximum performance and versatility of use while keeping it as compact as possible. In short, this new model is the solution to the growing needs of safe handling of loads in confined spaces, a crane that can fully meet market expectations in terms of safety, performance, size and, of course, respect for the environment.”

Manitex chief executive Steve Filipov, added: “We all know how the topics 'safe' and 'green' are increasingly at the centre of the debate, it is no coincidence that we see that regulations are becoming more and more stringent globally."