Valla launches V110R

Manitex/Valla has launched a new 11 tonne V110R battery powered pick & carry crane.

The V110R is the second model in the company’s newly designed range, following the eight tonne V80R launched last year. It features a 10.4 metre three section boom plus a short hydraulic swing away extension. Similar to the V80R, it is able to extend the distance between the counterweight and front axle by 700mm and features a front cross bar stabiliser to increase its capacity by up to 40 percent.

In its normal configuration it can handle its full capacity at just under a metre from the front bumper, and take 1.9 tonne to 6.3 metres and four tonnes at an under hook height of just over 10 metres. Features include remote control, non-marking wheels, front wheel drive with 180 degree rear steering, removable counter weights and electro-hydraulic brakes. Power comes from a 80 volt/640Ah battery with an onboard charger, while additional attachments include a winch and self-levelling forks.
Valla's new V110R battery electric pick & carry crane

Weighing 11,400kg, it has an overall width of just under 1.5 metres, a height of 2.23 metres and a length of 4.57 metres - with its front axle retracted.
The V110R with its front axle is extended and stabilisation bar deployed

General manager Carlo Forini said: “We have studied the V110R to adapt to both rental and end users’ requests. It is a machine that is aimed, at the more mature markets that see electric pick & carry cranes as a fundamental tool for obtaining certain performances by operating in a simple way, with maximum safety and respect for the environment.”

Manitex chief executive Steve Filipov, added: “When we say Valla, we mean versatility. Those who work with Valla pick & carry cranes know the benefit and the return of investment of these machines well, and what they appreciate about a Valla is the possibility to adapt the crane to the most diverse application sectors that require high performance, safety and ease of use. The all new V110R crane was born precisely to satisfy all these requirements.”

You can view details on the V80R, along with other pick & carry models launched last year, in the below issue of Cranes & Access:


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