Second MK 140 for Cork

UK and Irish crane rental group Cork Crane Hire has taken delivery of a second eight tonne Liebherr MK 140 self-erecting tower crane.

The five axle MK 140 can take its maximum capacity to a radius of 12 metres and has a maximum jib tip capacity of 1,900kg at 58.5 metres with the jib in the horizontal ‘trolley’ configuration. It can also be used in full luffing mode with a range from 20 to 70 degrees to achieve a maximum hook height of 94.4 metres and a maximum radius of 65 metres with a 1,000kg capacity.

Cork director Sean Desmond, said: “We are delighted to receive our second MK 140 and we hope it follows in the footsteps of our first one which has proved to be most reliable and popular with our extensive customer base. Time and time again customers are specifically asking for the MK 140 back on their projects due to its wide range of capabilities and versatility and they certainly complement the range of other mobile self-erect tower cranes that we have in our ever expanding fleet.”
Cork Crane Hire's second MK 140 self-erecting tower crane

Established in 2005, Cork Crane Hire operates from depots in Widnes, UK and Cork, Ireland. Its fleet includes mobile self-erecting tower cranes and All Terrain cranes ranging from 35 to 300 tonnes.


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