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New Bronto fire rescue platform

Bronto Skylift has launched its latest 32 metre F32TLK truck mounted fire rescue platform.

Available on a 16, 18 and 19 tonne chassis, the F32TLK offers outreaches between 23.2 to 26.1 metre (depending on the chassis) and a maximum platform capacity of 500kg. Measuring just nine metres, the manufacturer says it is well suited for urban environments, congested roadways and narrow alleys.
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Bronto Skylift's new 'city-ready' F32TLK truck mounted fire rescue platform

Features include automatic outrigger and levelling, which is said to be 45 percent faster than previous models, the option of an integrated rescue ladder and up to 5.7 metre below ground level reach used for water rescues from rivers and bays. The work envelope is also automatically calculated depending on the outrigger configuration and the load in the platform basket.
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The platform basket can be supplied with a range of optional attachments and features

The platform basket can be fully customised with integrated 2,500 litres per minute waterlines, power outlets for tools, stretcher carriers or wheel chair attachments, detachable winches, lighting, video and thermal imaging camera systems. An optional water spray curtain below the cage protects operators from heat when operating over roofs, while its fold down rescue platform also allows for safe access to windows and balconies.