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New Grove tele crawler

Grove has launched its new 100tonne/110 ton long boomed GHC110 telescopic crawler crane for the Americas.

The new crane - which has all the hallmarks of being built in Germany by Sennebogen for Manitowoc Cranes - joins a growing Grove line up of Sennebogen built telescopic crawlers with lifting capacities of 30 to 127 tonnes.

It features a five section 46.8 metre main boom plus an eight to 15 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for a maximum tip height of 64.2 metres. It has load charts for 0.6, 1.5 or four degree slopes and its 900mm wide variable tracks offer asymmetrical widths of 3.58, 4.3 and 5.1 metres. The crane can also pick & carry its entire load chart.
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The new Grove GHC110

With tracks and counterweight removed, the crane, bi-fold swingaway, twin hoists and hook blocks weighs 42.5 tonnes. With the tracks installed, the crane weighs 61.9 tonnes, and with the full counterweight installed - 28 tonnes of superstructure counterweight and 17 tonnes of carbody ballast - the total weight rises to 107.6 tonnes in full working configuration.

Power comes from a Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final diesel matched to a single variable displacement load sensing piston pump driving all crane and drive functions. The engine noise levels have been reduced thanks to the addition of extra sound insulation in the engine bay. The cab is the latest from the German manufacturer, with masses of glass for unobstructed views, top level comforts and the ability to tilt up to 20 degrees for a better view of high loads.
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The GHC110 offers variable asymmetrical track widths and a tilting cab

The crane does not yet have a Sennebogen branded equivalent, so its appearance at the Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 28th will essentially be a global launch for this machine. Deliveries will begin during the third quarter. As to the Sennebogen version for other markets expect it o appear later in the year - or possibly early next year.

JJ Grace, product manager for telescopic crawler cranes, said: “It’s like a tough younger brother for the GHC140, our biggest model that was revealed in 2020. It’s a perfect fit for contractors who need stout load charts and high manoeuvrability.”

“Keeping one track tucked in and the other fully extended ensures the crane can maximise stability and maintain optimum lifting performance when working in confined or congested spaces. With the new innovative undercarriage, there’s no need to pin the tracks or set it up on outriggers - you can just quickly transport loads or move from one static pick to the next.”

“The self-assembly process is quick and easy, too. Depending on loading preference, the GHC110 can be transported to the jobsite in four or five loads, and then you can use a handheld wireless remote to control much of the assembly. Frame mounted jacks allow for easy installation of the tracks, and the counterweights are hydraulically installed.”