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GGR new product launch open day

UK based crane and glass handling supplier GGR will launch several new products next week at a major open day at its southern headquarters in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.

One of the most interesting products on show is the MultiGrab hydraulic lifting clamp that attaches to spider cranes, glass handling robots and possibly even telehandlers. Designed for use with mini spider cranes, it has a maximum capacity of 750kg and, thanks to a range of interface attachments, the remote controlled grab can precisely manipulate all manner of beams or pipes with actions imitating the human hand and wrist. The device will be demonstrated and available to experience first hand.
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The MultiGrab robot handling device

Another new product is a six tonne tracked transporter compete with loader crane for self-loading and unloading. This will be alongside the six metre/2,600kg Faresin 6.26 full electric telehandler, which will be available for a test drive.

For more of the new and recent product launches that will be on show - simply click here.
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The six tonne transporter with crane

The event opens at 10:00am on Thursday July 22nd - the day after all Covid restrictions are dropped. To register: click here.

Looking at the menu it might be worth going along just for the food and a little networking perhaps. It will also be good as a practice run for Vertikal Days in September.
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A new 20t remote controlled counterbalance beam will also be on show