2,600t Huisman for Daewoo

Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has ordered a 2,600 tonne Huisman leg encircling crane with the option of a second unit.

Installed on the very first wind turbine installation jack-up vessel produced by Monaco based offshore construction specialist Eneti, the Huisman crane features a 147 metre ‘Lambda shaped’ main boom which offers a maximum hook height above deck of 170 metres. It will be used to lift and install the latest generation of 20MW turbines set to be introduced in the coming years. The crane is scheduled to be commissioned in 2023 and will complete its testing at DSME’s shipyard in South Korea.
Eneti plans to enter the offshore wind turbine installation vessel crane market with a 2,600t Huisman

Eneti chief executive Emanuele Lauro, said: “We are delighted by the close collaboration with Huisman culminating in this contract for the leg encircling crane. Eneti’s first wind turbine installation vessel crane is a milestone for the company, but we believe all our successes are built on a foundation of strong and sustained partnerships like the one we are now establishing with Huisman.”

Husiman chief executive David Roodenburg, added: “We fully support Eneti’s vision to successfully enter the offshore wind market and therefore we are very grateful for their trust, by selecting Huisman as partner for this project. We look forward to strengthening our unique working relationship with DSME as well. Together, we are committed to deliver this state of the art crane and enable Eneti to safely and efficiently install the next generation wind turbines.”


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