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Military grade Jekko

The Belgian armed forces Air Component has taken delivery of a military grade eight tonne Jekko SPX1280 spider crane.

Jekko, working in partnership with its Belgian distributor Rentalift, has upgraded the SPX1280 with a reinforced chassis to STANAG standards and additional anchor points for safely securing it within an Airbus A400M. They can also double up as parachute anchor points for low velocity airdrops.
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The Belgium armed forces' military grade Jekko SPX1280

As with standard models, the SPX1280 features a 17.7 metre five section main boom and a 7.6 metre four section hydraulic luffing jib to offer a maximum tip height of 26.6 metres. It can handle 600kg at its maximum height and up to 100kg at a maximum radius of 20 metres. It can also pick and carry loads up to two tonnes.
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Anchor points for securing in a Airbus A400M and for low velocity parachute airdrops

The crane - painted in bright yellow to aid its visibility on airstrips - will be used to assist with aircraft maintenance anywhere around the world, from the arctic to the desert. As such the unit has been fitted with an anemometer, a cold weather engine starter kit and additional filters for working in dusty or sandy environments.
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Its reinforced chassis

Rentalift sales manager, Davy Bintein, said: “We are excited about this new military grade Jekko crane. The Belgian Defence Forces first approached us in 2018 at Matexpo exhibition, looking for a crane able to fly on an Airbus A400M and working on the aeroplane maintenance. The standard SPX1280 already had the main features they were looking for - its balance between size/weight and lifting capacity, the pick & carry function, the automatic stabilisation, the fully radio-controlled crane, and the many customisations available. It possesses a natural sturdiness and reliable stability, and the outcome is a special model for special operations that embodies the most advanced technical solutions!”
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Additional features allow it to be used anywhere around the world