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Speedy switches to HVO

UK based Speedy Powered Access is claiming to be the first national rental company to use hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) for its fleet as standard.

Manufactured from waste fats and vegetable oils, HVO is said to offer a more environmentally and sustainable fuel alternative to red diesel. The switch follows a two year trail, with Speedy claiming the fuel is able to reduce emissions by up to 90 percent. Initial saving are expected to be up to 225 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The company has also announced plans for using HVO fuel for its generators, general construction equipment and commercial fleet in the near future, as well as supply customers and sites with 20 litre HVO fuel canisters.
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Speedy will use HVO fuel for its fleet of access platforms

Managing director Andy Briggs, said: “Leading the market to drive positive change is central to our Energise strategy, which aims to minimise the environmental impact of Speedy and the wider industry by increasing access to sustainable solutions like HVO. Moving away from red diesel complements our multi-million pound investment in electric and hybrid assets in the last year. No matter what machinery contractors require, we now have a low carbon solution to meet their needs.”

The company’s decision to switch to HVO follows its recent investment in a large number of all electric and hybrid platforms – see: 50 Nifty Hybrids, 130 electric Dinglis and 100 Skyjacks.