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The Hiab/Vertikal challenge at SED 2003

Visitors to next year’s SED exhibition will have a great opportunity to prove their skills with a state-of-the art knuckleboom crane as Hiab and The Vertikal Press have teamed up to launch the Hiab/Vertikal knuckleboom challenge.
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The challenge takes place in the SED Cranes & Access village over the full three days of the SED 2003 exhibition. It will feature one of Partek Cargotec’s newest cranes from the “mid range” XS HI-PRO series. This will be fitted with the CombiDrive 5000 radio remote control system which also features a state-of-the-art slewing sector limitation system. This will be used to make it impossible for operators to slew into dangerous or public areas.
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“This crane is one of our most modern and it features the excellent CombiDrive remote control system. We offer two remote control systems and about 80 per cent of the cranes that we sell in Sweden are now fitted with remote control” said Ismo Leppanen, UK marketing and product manager with Partek Cargotec. “The Hiab/Vertikal challenge will give people a great opportunity to test this equipment while allowing them to show off their skills with the crane”.
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Entrants in the Hiab/Vertikal Knuckleboom challenge will have to prove their skills by positioning a load in specific positions while being timed. Each day the SED show organisers will present an engraved trophy to the winner while The Vertikal Press, publisher of Cranes & Access will give a £100 cash prize.

* SED 2003 takes place from April 29th – May 1st at its usual location on Fen Farm, near Milton Keynes. The Cranes & Access village is held in association with Cranes & Access magazine. More information

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