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Fell out the stupid tree…

We have received a photo of a person cutting back a tree limb from a large ladder on a sloped roof.

We are unsure where this took place - although the architecture and fence looks east coast USA - what is clear however is the level of risk involved. It is actually hard to know where to start…

Just climbing onto the roof with the ladder would have carried some risk. But climbing such a high ladder, that is resting on the unknown quantity of the tree limb would have been treacherous, particularly when it is footed on a sloping roof, with high potential to slip, or the tree limb giving way. It’s also highly unlikely that the man on the ladder would have considered that the reduced weight of the limb following a cut might actually cause it to rise, leaving the ladder free to fall, unless his footman is some sort of circus strong man. But he is wearing a magical hi-vis jacket so maybe he is invincible?
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Its hard to rule out at this point whether he had the sense to make the cut on the right side of the ladder...

The chances of a serious accident occurring are very high, and a fall from what looks 10 to 12 metres would almost certainly prove fatal, or at the very least, life changing. A much safer alternative would be to use a form of powered access - even climbing the tree would have been safer. And given the likely location, a rental company would certainly been close by.

Let’s hope they got the job done without harm!

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.