1,000t Crawler for Wasel

German crane rental company Wasel has taken delivery of a 1,000 tonne Liebherr LR 11000 lattice boom crawler crane.

The LR 11000 was ordered with Liebherr’s SL10DF2BV wind power boom system, with up to 168 metres of main boom and fixed offset jib of up to 24 metres providing hook heights up to 192 metres with a capacity of 110 tonnes. It also features the company's VarioTray and V-Frame ballast systems.
The new Liebherr LR 11000

The unit went straight to it first job on a wind farm in Coesfeld in North Rhine Westphalia. The new flagship crane was used to install a wind turbine with a hub height of 170 metres.

Talking about the crane's first job, Wasel technical director, Julian Schmidt, said: “The powerful SL10 boom was an important criterion for the LR 11000. And we need all its power on this wind farm. The load was 136 tonnes including the hook block and rigging and had to be lift to a hub height of 170 metres at a radius of 29 metres. The crane was set up with 162 metres of main boom, a 12 metre fixed jib, 210 tonnes of superstructure ballast, 90 tonnes of carbody ballast and 450 tonnes of derrick ballast.”
The crane’s first job

“The benefits of the V-Frame and VarioTray when working with suspended ballast in the wind industry were clearly demonstrated during this very first job. The V-frame ballast enables the counterweight radius to be infinitely hydraulically adjusted between 13 and 30 metres. The VarioTray is a small ballast pallet, which can be unbolted quickly and easily when necessary. This avoids the need for the tiresome stacking and unstacking of ballast slabs. The large ballast pallet is only required to raise and lower the lattice boom.”
The V-Frame counterweight

Matthias Wasel, who runs the business with brother, Thomas, added: “Requirements in industry and for public infrastructure projects are on the rise. The towers for wind turbines are also increasing in height all the time. That is why we decided to buy Liebherr’s 1,000 tonne crane. It means that we are absolutely ready for the next generation of wind turbines.”

Thomas Wasel adds: “The LR 11000 is now the fifth large lattice boom crane in our fleet. All the cranes bear the Liebherr brand. We are impressed by Liebherr products, particularly its crawler cranes. The quality of both the products and Liebherr’s service is top class. It is, of course, also a benefit to stick with a single manufacturer for large cranes in terms of operation, transport and maintenance.”
The handover (L-R) Florian Maier and Erich Schneider of Liebherr with Thomas Hagedorn and Matthias Wasel of Hagedorn/Wasel, Christoph Kleiner of Liebherr, Thomas Wasel and Christian Hülsewig of Hagedorn/Wasel and Dieter Walz of Liebherr

Wasel is based in Bergheim, south of Dusseldorf. The company was acquired by Hagedoorn earlier this year at the same time it took delivery of the first 700 tonne Liebherr LR 1700-1.0 crawler crane. The company has a fleet of around 140 Liebherr All Terrain and crawler cranes and employs around 400 people.
The LR 1100 with a 220 tonne LTR 1220 tele-crawler turning the generator

The crane's 12 metre offset jib


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