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Triple crane fatality in Turin

Three tower crane erectors died in Turin, Italy, yesterday and three other people were injured when a tower crane collapsed while its jib was being installed.

It seems that the counterweighted base tower/mast overturned as the crane’s jib or counter jib was being installed. The falling tower crane also pulled the mobile crane boom down with it. The three men who died had been on the top of the tower and jib at the time. It was being set up on the side of a seven storey building in the city centre.
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The victims have been named as Roberto Peretto, 52, Marco Pozzetti, 54, and Filippo Falotico, 20. The two older men apparently died at the scene, one instantly and one while being rescued from the jib wreckage, while Falotica passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital.

A crane operator, Mirzad Svrka, 39, and two members of the public - a man sitting in his car, 33, and a woman, 61 - were also taken to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

We will update when we learn more.

The video below provides a clearer view of what happened compared with the photos we have received so far.