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Spain’s first Liebherr LR 1700-1.0

Spanish crane and heavy lift company Eurogrúas 2000 has taken delivery of a new Liebherr 700 tonne LR 1700-1.0 lattice crawler crane. The first unit to be delivered in Spain.

The new LR 1700 replaces a 600 tonne crawler crane in the Eurogrúas fleet which has been largely employed in the wind power market.

The new crane shipped directly from the Liebherr factory in Ehingen, Germany to a wind farm near Düsseldorf, where it will assemble 20 wind turbines with a hub height of 161 metres and unit weights of up to 86 tonnes. The Spanish company has several other wind jobs lined up in Germany, before it travels to its new home in Spain.
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Eurogruas’ new LR 1700 goes to work in Germany

Eurogrúas 2000’s Javier Sato said: "The LR 1700-1.0 is the ideal addition to our fleet it fits perfectly with the requirements, of wind power market, in terms of the weight and height of the current wind turbines. The new investment goes hand in hand with our strategy of always keeping our machinery technically up to date. We have smaller narrow track cranes that are very well suited for certain types of wind power projects. As a larger model, we operate the Liebherr LR 1800-1.0 crawler crane. We needed a crane to fill the gap between 600 and 800 tonne cranes."

Liebherr claims that the LR 1700-1.0 combines the transport advantages of a 600 tonne crawler crane with the performance of 750 tonner. The LR 1700-1.0 features a 165 metre main boom, while a maximum under hook height of 198 metres can be achieved with 96 metres of main boom and 102 metres of luffing jib. It is able to handle its full capacity at a radius of 8.5 metres and has a maximum radius of 160 metres.
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completing its first turbines lifting a 86 tonne nacelle to a hub height of 161m

Innovations include the VarioTray and V-Frame counterweight devices, along with the H-Boom, boom system, which allows it to lift in wind speeds of up to 12.2 metres a second – or 13.4 metres a second with a reduced load chart.

Eurogrúas 2000 was founded in 1997 from the merger of six companies with the aim of joining forces and shaping a crane and specialised transport company. The company now operates from 10 locations in Spain and one in Brazil. With a fleet in Spain of 130 cranes, 113 of them from Liebherr.