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Dingli launches 26m/1,500kg glass handler

Chinese aerial lift manufacturer Dingli has launched a new 1,500kg vacuum glass lifting head for its 86ft/26 metre, all electric boom lift - the BT2615ERTGS.
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The new Dingli BT2615ERTGS

The vacuum head is made up of eight autonomous vacuum pads which do not require tubes from a central pump. The modular design is based on a product the company launched in 2020 which has been extended from 500kg to 1,200kg and now 1,500kg.
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The 1,200kg version in action

The aerial work platform base is equipped with an 80 volt 520Ah high capacity lithium battery pack with quick charge capability of 1.5 hours. The boom lifts base remain exactly the same, with four wheel drive and steer plus an oscillating axle.

The machine will take 1,500kg, to its maximum lifting height of just over 26 metres. The glass handling head can rotate 360 degrees, tilt forward 30 degrees and back 90 degrees and articulate 160 degrees for precise placement of panels. All of which is operated via a wireless remote controller.
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The new Dingli vacuum lifting head

The company’s existing 1,200kg glass handling boom attachment has been thoroughly tested in the construction of dozens of glass curtain wall installation projects, with a machine handling an average of 13 large heavy glass panels installed in a typical working day, with a maximum of 16 panels having been achieved on one project.
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The machine can place up to 16 panels a day