First MK73-3.1 in France

French crane and access rental company Altigrues has taken delivery of the country's first Liebherr MK73-3.1 three axle mobile self-erecting tower crane.
The crane ready for delivery last month

The new crane is the first mobile self-erector to join the company’s fleet and will be working from its base in the Paris area. Altigrues has already had some success with Klaas aluminium truck cranes and is not new to introducing new concepts to the market. It is hoping that the new machine will bring in some new customers and open up new markets for its services.
The new crane is built to run on HVO fuel

Launched last summer the MK73-3.1 has a maximum capacity of six tonnes at a 12 metre radius, while the maximum radius is 38.5 metres with a jib tip capacity of two tonnes at a height of 26.5 metres. With the jib luffed to 45 degrees above horizontal the crane has a hook height of 51 metres with a capacity of 1,850kg at a radius of 26.5 metres. The MK73 runs on HVO fuel for the carrier, while the superstructure is electric powered from a mains AC outlet or via a small onboard generator.
This is the first mobile self-erector in the Altigrues fleet

The formal handover Sébastien Chalvet of Liebherr with David Benchetrit of Altigrues

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