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New MK for Liebherr

Liebherr is preparing to launch the MK 73-3.1, a brand new three axle mobile self-erecting tower crane at the end of the month.

No details have been released yet, but an early photograph indicates that it has a two section lattice telescopic tower and three section lattice luffing jib with trolley that can operate with the luffed jib at least as high as 30 degrees. As such you can expect the maximum lift height to be somewhere in the region of 30 metres but perhaps with a little less capacity that the MK88-4?
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The new Liebherr MK73-3.1

You can be sure that it will feature the company’s Variobase variable automatic outrigger set up system and a number of other Liebherr innovations including plug in electric power when a sufficient AC mains source is available. The new crane will join the four axle MK 88-4.1 and five axle MK 140.
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The new machine will include all of Liebherr’s latest innovations

The first chance to see one in the iron is likely to be the JDL exhibition in Beaune this June, followed, hopefully, by Vertikal Days in September. We will provide more details on this machine at the end of the month.