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A new president for IPAF

The IPAF Summit has opened in London starting with the Annual General Meeting and the appointment of a new president in the form of Karin Nars from Dinolift.
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Nars becomes the first female to hold the position and the first person from the same family to hold the position. Her father Lars-Petter ‘Lasse’ Godenhielm served a president of the Federation from 1999 to 2001.
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Outgoing president Norty Turner places the president’s chain of office on Karin Nars

In her acceptance speech she said that while no one knows what impact the recent events will have on us all, one of the things it does highlight is how important it is to stand true to our beliefs. She also said, that as the first woman to hold the position she wanted to use her voice to help provide opportunities for more women to join the access industry.
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Karin Nars sets out some of her objectives

The Summit presentations start shortly and will be followed by the awards dinner this evening.