More hybrids for Smart

UK rental company Smart Platform Rental has taken delivery of more hybrid platforms as it ramps up its investment in the technology.

The company has invested £3.5 million with Multitel Pagliero and Klubb/CPL for the 18.2 metre Multitel MT182 EX truck mounted lift on a 3.5 tonne Iveco chassis and 13.8 metre Klubb K38 telescopic van mounted lift on 3.5 tonne Renault Master chassis. Deliveries are scheduled throughout the year.
The Multitel MT182 EX

The Multitel MT182 EX has a maximum outreach of 13.2 metres with 80kg in the platform, while the maximum 250kg is available at up to 9.1 metres outreach.
The Klubb features a telescopic boom and articulated jib, offering 120Kg at up to eight metres outreach and 200Kg at 6.5 metres.
The Klubb K38

The two models feature all-electric superstructures offering up to eight hours of work on a standard cycle after which the chassis engine driven PTO can be used. They also feature dual alternators to recharge the battery pack while travelling between jobs.
The latest investment follows a £3 million spend in 2021.


This seems very smart investment... bargain price too!

Mar 17, 2022

Great commitment from Smart, putting their money where the products and client are. Well done, great initiative.

Mar 16, 2022
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