Tree worker electrocuted

A tree care worker has died after coming into contact with overhead power lines in Italy yesterday.

The incident occurred on the edge of the village of Cagnola, just south of Padua, Italy. The man Daniel Bianchi, 25, and his brother were trimming trees alongside a house, and were using a truck mounted aerial work platform - which appears to be an Isoli PNT205NH from the rental fleet of DM Service - to reach the higher branches.
Photo courtesy of Vigili del Fuoco-Padova

According to the local fire service when the boom was raised it touched the cable, causing the electric current to flash down through the machine and then through Bianchi to earth who we understand was standing alongside the machine at the time. He was declared dead at the scene.

The local Carabinieri and the Spisal health and safety service are investigating what happened.
The building before work began


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