Multi pallet platform

Sent into our German office by a reader... a photo of a man cutting a hedge from a ‘make-shift’ platform on the forks of a small articulated telehandler.

This is no ordinary pallet and forklift access solution though, rather than the usual single pallet this get up has a half a dozen of them to gain a little more height.

On the positive side the crew have rigged up a half decent guardrail and the pallets look to be well stacked and possibly even bolted together? At the same time the whole ‘get up’ is protected from falling forwards while being used by the hedge. BUT the risk changes completely when the telehandler rolls back and then moves down the hedge to the next section.

If they were to lower the platform to the ground and relocate with and empty basket then …..OK, but those who tend to take short cuts and employ ‘make-do’ solutions like this usually carry on or escalate their risk taking.
Certainly, one for our Death Wish series, especially given the number of serious incidents with people falling from makeshift forklift platforms.

Have a safe weekend


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