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2,420 tonne test load

Dubai based Liftek International teamed up with Modulift, Green Pin Shackles and Load Monitoring Systems to carry out a 2,420 tonne test lift with a Huisman luffing ship crane in Dubai a few weeks ago.

Liftek used two Modulift MOD 1000 modular spreader beams, rigged in a cross formation with a capacity of 990 tonnes each, and the rest of the load carried by the main hook block. Royal Van Beest provided 600 and 500 tonne P-6043 Green Pin shackles, wireless load links, load pin shackles coupled to T24 electronics based system from Load Monitoring Systems. The 110 and 50 tonne Waterbags, cable laid grommets and round slings were all provided or manufactured by Liftek.
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The empty water bags

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Now full

Modulift managing director Sarah Spivey said: “It’s encouraging to see our beams being used as part of such a demanding project. The MOD 1000 is ideal for this type of lift due to its relatively low weight. Our spreader beams are specially designed as a lightweight solution so that cranes can work at maximum capacity.”

To see more on the lift, check the video below.