Four injured in scissor lift fall UPDATED

According to a statement from the emergency services ER24, four men were seriously injured on Friday after falling from height whilst working from a scissor lift at a factory on the Burgundy Estate, in the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.

The report states that the four men were found lying near a scissor lift, three were in a critical condition while the fourth was categorised as serious. They were rushed to hospital, but so far no further details have been issued.

This is a strange incident, but mainly due to the fact that we do not know if the scissor was still upright or had gone over throwing them to the ground. One report we have received suggests the latter, but we have been unable to confirm that.

If you are based in the Western Cape and have heard more, please do let us know so that more might be learnt.


We have heard from a local compAny that on further investigatiion this was a fall through a roof rather than from a scissor lift. They sent the following comment: "This wasn't an incident with a Scissor, One Company went onto the cold storage after discussing with another company, they ended up letting 6 guys go on the panels and 5 guys fell through and 1 of the guys was hanging from the roof and the sicssor assisted with getting him down"


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