New five axle crane vandalised

A new 250 tonne All Terrain crane belonging to Australian rental company Century Cranes was vandalised over the weekend, with the youths who carried out the attack capturing themselves on video and then posting it online, all of which helped the owners track them down.

The 250 tonne Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1 is the company’s flagship crane and was only delivered in August. It was parked on a major site where it is currently working, but the perpetrators were able to gain access to the location and carry out the attack, which included smashing the windows of both cabs and hurling a fire extinguisher through the chassis windscreen which then discharged itself in the cab.

The two youths were tracked and confronted and apologised, but apparently showed little or no remorse. Century Cranes general manager Bianca Wilson reported the incident to the local newspaper as well as the police, in order to highlight the damage that youth crime can do, and the mindless destruction with the aim to help flag the issue with members of the public and politicians. We have looked at the videos ourselves, but they are quite pathetic and we have no appetite to share them and the brainless thuggery, or further promote what they have done as that seemed to be their main aim.

Speaking to Vertikal.net Wilson added: “Liebherr have been fantastic and crane will be loaded Thursday morning heading straight to them in Brisbane.”

Hopefully the repair will be swift and it will be back in operation before too long.

Based in Cairns, Queensland, Century Cranes was established in 1979 and runs a crane fleet that includes everything from Spider cranes, through Franna Pick & carry units, to City and regular All Terrains to telescopic crawler and Rough Terrain cranes.


Yes and maybe a little jail time.
Then they could post a video of them incarcerated and being treated like the thugs they are.

I'll bet that would go viral............!

Jan 31, 2023

Yes, pay for all damages plus detention to learn how serious their crime is.

Jan 31, 2023

I hope that those that did the damaged are force to pay the bill for repairs.

Jan 31, 2023
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