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New 80t Sennebogen tele crawler

Sennebogen is to launch its own brand version of its new 80 tonne crawler crane, which first appeared as the Grove GHC85 last April.
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The new Sennebogen 683 E

The Sennebogen 683 E has virtually the same specification, with a five section 42 metre full power main boom topped by an eight to 15 metre solid construction bi-fold swingaway which takes the maximum tip height to 59 metres and can be offset by up to 40 degrees. The new crane fits into the product line between the 673 E and the 6103 E.
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the full stick has a maximum tip height of 59m

The undercarriage has a maximum overall track width of five metres, retracting to 3.48 metres, with standard 800mm track pads. The overall transport width can be reduced to three metres with the tracks removed. The tracks can be set asymmetrically with the load charts being calculated automatically to reflect the track width and slope angles of up to four degrees. The crane can self load/unload with the aid of the radio remote control for the jacks, and the counterweight installation/removal.

Total operating weight is 90,500kg which includes 34.3 tonnes of counterweight - six tonnes of carbody/chassis counterweight and up to 28.3 tonnes on the superstructure.
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The new crane is powered by a Stage V Cummins, while the main and auxiliary winches are driven by a high-pressure piston motors, which offers single line speeds up to 120 metres a minute. The crane can be configured with a wide range of attachments, options and additional features such as a programmable working range limiter and safety and low-temperature packages.

The manufacturer’s extra wide Maxcab is standard, with up to 20 degrees of cab tilt, and can also be equipped with a hydraulically elevating cab with up to 30 degrees of tilt, and an eye level height of 5.55 metres. The crane functions can also be operated by a radio remote controller. Cameras and a large monitor extend the operator's field of vision to the rear and right side and also used to monitor the winches.
Finally easy access to the main service points has been addressed, along with clear identification of components. A central lubrication point covers the boom base pins, lift cylinder, and slew ring.


Mr Bear
Available for sale in the UK & Ireland from AGD Equipment

Mar 8, 2023