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New Grove telecrawler

Grove has announced the launch of a new 80 tonne telescopic crawler crane, the GHC85, which becomes the eighth model in the Sennebogen built Grove telescopic crawler line up.
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The new GHC85

Once again it looks as though Sennebogen has launched a brand new crawler crane model with Manitowoc/Grove before adding it to the Sennebogen range. It did the same last July with the 100 tonne Grove GHC110, the Sennebogen version - the 6103E was not launched until February this year.

The GHC85 features a new 42 metre five-section full power boom, to which an eight to 15 metre bi-fold offsettable swingaway extension can be added, with up to 40 degrees of offset. Maximum tip height is 59 metres. A three metre heavy duty swingaway extension with a 10 degree offset is also available and stows on the left side of the boom. The crane is rated at 2.5 metres, while the capacity on the fully extended main boom is 10.8 tonnes, or 2.4 tonnes at 38 metres radius. The maximum radius with the full extension in place is 50 metres at which it can handle 600kg.
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The fully extended track base has an overall width of 5.1 metres with 900mm track pads, each track can be extended independently from an overall width of just under 3.5 metres fully retracted, with load charts for asymmetrical track widths calculated automatically to provide the best possible load chart from the actual set up. The crane can pick & carry its full load chart and operate on slopes of up to four degrees. The maximum superstructure counterweight is 28.3 tonnes while the carbody counterweights total six tonnes.
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The crane is able to unload itself from a truck and fully self-assemble, using the wireless remote controller. It can be transported to the site in three loads, or four loads when the tracks are carried separately. The all-up weight of the new crane is 90 tonnes, while overall dimensions are 13.36 long by 3.58 metres wide and 3.1 metres high.
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Power comes from a Cummins Tier 4 Final, or Tier 3 diesel. The main and auxiliary hoists have high pressure piston motor drive and grooved drums with 180 metres of 20mm rope storage a maximum single line pull of 7.2 tonnes and a maximum speed of 109 metres a minute.
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The cab tilts by up to 20 degrees and includes a 7in monitor with camera feeds from the hoists, rear and right hand views. The electric dual axis controllers feature joystick control buttons for optional utility attachments.
We will update this item when we see the full specification sheet, but it looks as though the new model will fit between the current 70 tonne Sennebogen 633E and the 100 tonne 6103E.