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Sennebogen’s 100t telecrawler

Sennebogen has finally released its own brand version of the 100 tonne telescopic crawler crane - the Sennebogen 6103E. The new crane was initially launched as the Grove GHC110 last July - See: New Grove telecrawler
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The Sennebogen 6103E

The 6103E specification is the same as the Grove, at least in terms of basic performance and dimensions etc, with a five section 46.8 metre pinned main boom, plus an eight to 15 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for a maximum tip height of 64.2 metres.
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It has load charts for slopes of 0.6, 1.5 or four degrees. Its variable tracks offer asymmetrical overall widths of 3.58, 4.3 and 5.1 metres with the wider 900mm track pars installed. The crane can also pick & carry its entire load chart, for example it can pick & carry 65 tonnes at a six metre radius.
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The 6103E can pick & carry its full load chart

The new 6103E naturally has a Stage V engine as standard although a Stage III is also available. The standard Sennebogen ‘Maxcab’ cab offers up to 20 degrees of tilt, with the option of being hydraulically elevated to an eye level of 5.6 metres. Other options include radio remote controls and a work platform.
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The crane can be transported in a 61.9 tonne load and an overall width of 3.48 metres with the 28.2 tonnes of superstructure ballast, 17 tonnes of carbody counterweight and extension removed. If the tracks are also removed the overall weight is just under 40 tonnes with an overall width of three metres. And as you would expect for a crane of this size its can unload itself with its jacks and easily install its tracks and counterweights. For more details see the videos below:
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With counterweights and jib removed the crane weighs 61.9 tonnes

Sennebogen is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of the launch of its first ever telescopic crawler crane in 1992.

General overview video

Boom pinning system video explanation