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25 truck mounts for Issa

Italian rental company Issa Autogrù has taken delivery of 25 new Multitel Pagliero platforms including two spider lifts, a 21 metre SMX210 and 25 metre SMX250E with lithium battery power.

The range of truck mounted machines purchased runs from the 14 metre 145 ALU telescopic on Mitsubishi chassis through to the MZ210 articulated models on Isuzu chassis and the 35 metre MZ350 on a 12 tonne chassis.
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Some of the new Mutlitels

Issa Autogrù and the Guidoboni family have been loyal customers of Multitel Pagliero since 2006, running more than 60 units in the fleet topped by the 60 metre MJ360 TA.

Family owned Issa Autogrù is based in Ferrara and was established in the later 1950s by the Guidoboni brothers, originally as machine shop and car repairer, graduating into roadside assistance and the breakdown and recovery for trucks, which took them into cranes and platforms.

Today it offers a wide range of equipment for rental, from cranes up to 200 tonnes, to boom and scissor lifts, spider lifts, truck mounted lifts and telehandlers.
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