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How crazy can you be?

Spotted online by one of our regular readers, two men working from a scissor lift in a church. They have a 32ft, 1.2 metre wide Skyjack SJII4632 slab electric scissor lift raised to a working height of around nine metres or so. The lift is too wide to drive down the side of the pews so they have the deck extension fully out and are using a folding ladder as a further cantilever to try and reach a light bulb, they also have a long rod with the brush or cloth. The video can be seen below.
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The man ‘walking the plank’ clearly appreciates the danger but continues to dice with death. The main problem is poor selection of equipment, a 2632, an AWP with over-pew frame, or a small spider lift would all have ‘eaten’ the job.
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Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend

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Utter madness

Mar 27, 2023

Moving two benches aside isn't an opportunity

Mar 25, 2023

Hopefully if he fell, there would be some Divine Intervention and he would not be hurt too bad...........

Mar 24, 2023