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Hoists at K.EY 2023

Italian hoist sales and rental company CEM Elevatori has attended a new 'The Energy Transition' exhibition - K.EY 2023 - being held in Rimini this week.

The company is showing several ladder hoists, including the Paus Easy Asa 18 WHM (model C) trailer mounted hoist, which can take 250kg to a height of 18 metres, while dual lift cylinders provide a variable lift angle of between 30 and 90 degrees though for a 360 degree working area.

The company also has Geda products on display, including the Solar Lift range which helps install solar panels on roofs, while the Battery Ladder Lift is self-explanatory. The show closes tomorrow evening.
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the CEM stand at K.EY 2023

Loris Manocchia of CEM said: "We are absolutely amazed at how much interest our range of material hoisting machines has aroused. We have collected hundreds of contacts with interest to use our equipment in the coming months. This is amazing, we would never have expected this from such a special and unusual expo for us. And professionals and insiders continue to arrive at our stand without interruption. My sales team's enthusiasm is through the roof.”

If you are interested in such a show and are within reach of Rimini you can find out more on