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Scissor lift electrocution

A man has died after coming into contact with overhead wires, while using a scissor lift in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The man, named as Nicholas Jozefowski, 42, had been changing out some overhead lights last Wednesday at the showrooms of Ewald Venus Ford, a car dealership in the suburb of Cudahy.

A co-worker spotted the fact that he dropped to the deck of the lift, while working at a height of around five metres. When he did not respond to calls, he went to his aid. On reaching him, he noticed that he had suffered burns to his hands and face, while a wire was hanging from the ceiling.
When the emergency services arrived Jozefowski was not breathing and had no pulse. CPR was attempted, but he was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after their arrival.

The medical examiner's report stated that he had worked as a maintenance man at the Ford dealership for the past five years and noted that he "was not a licensed electrician but would work on electrical issues along with other odd jobs.

Jozefowski is a member of a large extended family and leaves behind his wife April, brother Richard, sister Alicia, father James and mother Marion. He had only recently celebrated his 42nd birthday.


Graeme Davison
Poor chap - this happens far too often !

Apr 5, 2023