First Raimondi T187 delivered

Belgian construction company ABHR has taken delivery of the first Raimondi T187 flat-top tower crane to be shipped.

The T187 has a maximum capacity of 10 tonnes in two fall configuration, with a maximum jib length of 67.5 metres with a jib tip capacity of 1.6 tonnes. The jib and counter jib were both assembled on the ground and lifted into position with a 200 tonne All Terrain crane.

The crane is equipped with a new Lumina X cab, which is one of the largest on the market with a height of 2.14 metres and a length of 2.28 metres and is equipped with a fridge and Bluetooth audio system. It also incorporates a new control system which the company has dubbed ConCore, with a 10 inch display screen.

The crane, ordered at its launch at Bauma last October, has been installed with a free standing height of 36 metres and maximum jib, on a site in Antwerp, Belgium. The installation was carried out by a four man team from tower crane sales and rental company Uperio, with the support of a Raimondi field technician. The crane will be helping to build 19 residential units and will remain onsite for around 18 months.

Max Van Gompel of ABHR said: “We are thrilled to be the first European construction company to have a machine from the new Raimondi series. The excellent specifications of the crane in terms of lifting capabilities and speed, as well as the weight optimised components, which facilitate the installation procedures, were the features we most considered in choosing this model.”

“In terms of a broader market analysis, the Raimondi T187 is well suited to the current requirements for medium size developments in Belgium. It offers good lifting capacities and speed, while allowing for higher freestanding heights thanks to reinforced towers.”