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Raimondi’s new cranes

As we predicted last month, Italian tower crane company Raimondi launched two new flat top cranes at Bauma - the 10 tonne 110 class T187 crane and the 16 tonne T357 150 class crane, named for its 1.5 metre wide jib profile. Both can be equipped with the third new product at the show, the larger more luxurious Lumina X cab.

The T187 has a maximum capacity of 10 tonnes in two fall configuration, with a maximum jib length of 67.5 metres with a jib tip capacity of 1.6 tonnes. The first two T187s are due to be delivered to customers in Italy and Belgium. The T357 has a maximum radius of 77.5 metres with a jib tip of 2.67 tonnes in its ‘UltraLift’ set up.
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The new T187 and T357 cranes

Commercial director Cristian Badin said: “The Raimondi T357 is aptly suited for construction of medium to high infrastructural jobsites due to its maximum lifting speed of 152 metres a minute using a 75 kW winch, and the drum capacity of 800 metres. Similar to the Class 110 series, the class 150 machines is designed as a whole set of cranes shared mechanical and fabricated parts, as well as interchangeability of the jib sections. All of the Class 150 models can be equipped with Lumina X, the extended version of the recently launched crane cab, with a length of 3.88 metres and a height of 2.14 metres. It is one of the largest and most comfortable cabins in today’s marketplace, and is equipped with an integrated refrigerator, multiple drawers, coat hangers, a wireless phone charger station and Bluetooth audio system, Lumina also features a new pneumatic seat with a layer of memory foam that stabilises according to operator’s body weight. More than 80 percent of the cab is made up of shatterproof thermic glass.”
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The new Lumina cab

“With a maximum lifting capacity from 12 to 24 tonnes, this new 150 Class was designed with the Central & Northern Europe, American and Canadian markets in mind. The 150 and 110 Class cranes are also equipped with the newly developed ConCore, a control system that can instantly detect and report specific types of error, malfunctions, and faults and simplifies maintenance and service operations, thereby reducing site downtime. Additionally, the control system allows crane operators to fully calibrate the machine directly from the in-cabin station or via remote control.”