Capja ventures into Artificial intelligence

UK based IT solutions company Capja is venturing into the realm of Artificial intelligence in order to explore the possibilities and capabilities of AI within the equipment rental industry.

The initial six month project, which began last month, has the overall objective of finding ways to make rental companies more efficient by exploring the use of AI in various ways from drafting risk assessments to monitoring the depreciation rates of fleets, predicting equipment failures and even assisting with route planning for delivery and transport, including permits and authorisations. It may also highlight more efficient routes based on past learning.

Capja co-founder Josh Wallman said: “The capabilities of the AI are unlimited, and this is what we’re investigating. It will utilise past risk assessments and method statements users have submitted and be able to adapt and mould it to their particular situation. For example, if they’re down a narrow street in London, it might have a look at similar projects they’ve done in similar situations and predict what sort of information is needed.”
Co-founder of Capja, Josh Wallman

“In terms of replacing people it’s not going to replace an operator, we’re not looking at robotics and that side of things although it depends on how the company is operating and what they’re using AI for. For example, we are working with Southern Cranes and at the rate at which they’re growing, AI will make them more efficient and complete the tasks that people don’t necessarily need to be doing, such as responding to questions and queries from potential customers.”

Kelvin Prince of Southern Cranes added: "We've always been on the lookout for technologies that enhance safety and operational efficiency. The potential of AI in our industry is limitless, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolution."

Capja has been involved in the cranes and access industry since it was established in January 2019. Since then, it has digitalised time sheets and all elements of the walk around checks. It has also digitalised certificates, user manuals, along with contract and training, information where paperwork would have traditionally been left in the cab, creating QR codes for quick and easy access to it.
Andy Burgess, also co-founder of Capja

Based in Brighton, the ‘J’ and ‘A’ in ‘Capja’ represent founders, Josh Wallman and Andy Burgess. In the past year or two the company has expanded and now has four team members.