Crane recovery

Last month an aluminium truck crane overturned onto a residential building in Herdecke just south of Dortmund in Germany. The crane, a Klaas K28-34 from roofing company Arsa Dachdeckerei in Hagen, was lifting pallet loads of roofing felt onto the roof. It had its four section boom fully extended and the two section jib installed, which has a maximum capacity of between 250 and 350kg. It seems that the incident was caused by the crane slipping off its mats/cribbing causing a dynamic overload. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.

The local fire brigades were assisted by the Dortmund fire and rescue department, which arrived with its 70 tonne Liebherr LTM 1070 4.2 All Terrain crane, ladder platform and other vehicles and began the recovery process. The entire operation was caught on video, which at times is hard to watch, but quite instructive.

There is, we understand an abbreviated version of the video but there are parts of the full video that are worth watching, especially if you are a training instructor. You can, after all always fast forward.


It's never good to see a crane on it's side as a result of what could only be described as poor planning. I have to say that the recovery was absolutely appalling, a sling positioned round the boom which could have been attached by standing on the roof of the building, and another crane on the legs to control the lowering would have been a much safer aproach.

Oct 17, 2023

If the operator runs his crane the way he dresses for work (tank top, no hard hat, no gloves, no high vis vest) I would wager this incident was not a matter of IF, but rather a matter of WHEN.....!?!

When firemen show up better prepared for a crane job than you are, you should change professions.

Oct 17, 2023