Maximising you ladder reach

Spotted somewhere in the North America, a man re-painting the siding on an upper floor of a home. His two step ladders do not reach, so he has unfolded the convertable one and combined it with the small step ladder using a spreader plank. For some reason he has also used a web sling, slung over what looks like the remnants of a scaffold. The sling is either intended as some form of fall restraint or to hold his paint tin??
Stacked ladders

Either way it’s hardly safe - an accident waiting to happen - a fall from this height will usually result in life changing injuries or worse.
Hard to see what he is doing with the web sling?

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


Perfect, 10/10, no notes

Nov 6, 2023

They abound
It worked, and it didn't cost any hire rates.

Nov 4, 2023

Harry Sharp
I would hazard a guess that the web sling is there to take some of the weight of the man and therefore the plank of wood is not taking so much weight which the man might consider this to be safe or safer. But either way this is a really dodgy set up. Thanks for posting, some of these death wish photos are hilarious! Shows that there are some utter clowns around.

Nov 3, 2023