Ladder lift - with a difference

Spotted online by one of our UK readers - a man lifting a large air-conditioning unit onto a roof at a height of around eight metres, with a ladder!

The team has fully extended a long two section ladder and attached a 90 degree bracket to which a small power drill hoist has been added.

From what we can see from the video the man on the roof - with no edge protection - holds the ladder vertical while also powering the hoist with his drill. While the ladder shows sings of flexing it holds the weight and once above roof level our man allows the ladder to tilt towards him nicely dropping the AC unit on the roof. It looks innovative, handy and certainly in this example works well and looks pretty slick.

However, a slight movement, a gust of wind or a ladder buckle and the video could so easily have been a horror film. Even worse when you look at the power lines just behind the ladder almost within arcing distance.

Take a look at the video for yourself - see what you think. Definitely one for our Death Wish Series.
Have a safe weekend


So, I googled it. seems you can buy that attachment, called "ladder crane". And they do that exact example in their videos

Dec 8, 2023