New Access Spec body

UK based Mac’s Truck Sales has launched a new truck body specifically designed for transporting powered access equipment. Dubbed the ‘Access Spec body’ it has been designed for 26 tonne three axle chassis and, according to Mac's, features the most gradual loading angle in the industry.

This along with a large number of user friendly features, such as Mac’s patented rail with lashing rings every 500mm, non-slip strapping points, winch and headboard protection with a rubberised protective finish, pull out walkways for wider loads with side protection and fall arrest, hydraulic stabiliser jack’s and chain trays at the front of the body.

The first two units, with 14 tonnes payload and 6 x 2 drive, have been delivered to the City Hire group.

Mac’s Technical director Andy Hall said: “We are absolutely thrilled to launch our latest Mac’s Access Spec body into the market, apparently I’m told it’s already made quite a stir with customers calling us after seeing the first units delivered. The new bodies development is the culmination of years of experience in not only producing access spec vehicles, but also working with the operators to truly understand their needs and the features which will make the biggest difference to their daily ops.”

“Achieving the lowest load angle in the industry is something all the team of engineers here are proud of, for our customers, it makes a huge difference to the ease of loading, especially on the equipment that comes with flat wheels for indoor use. This paired with our new gridlock flooring along the full length of the body provides the ultimate level of grip when compared to competitors wooden floors, making loading an absolute cinch."