MCS launches new app

MCS has launched ‘Rescource Mobile’, an app that helps delivery drivers and mobile service engineers to provide immediate feedback to rental controllers/dispatchers/hire desk clerks, informing them when they arrive on site and allowing them to track work progress.

Nick Thomas of MCS said: “The new mobile app has instant benefits, just from the fact that it is now available both on IOS and android, but the huge benefit comes from the additional visibility of staff on the road. When it comes to ad-hoc planning, having a more in depth visibility status of jobs is a game changer.”

The app also includes features aimed to streamline the rental process such as customised checklists and the ability to send text messages to customers informing them when an engineer or driver is on their way.

Founded in 1983, MCS Rental Software has grown to become one of the leading international developers and suppliers of dedicated software for the equipment rental industry, with users in more than 40 countries.


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