135ft Genie for Küfner

German rental company Küfner Arbeitsbühnen has taken delivery of a 135ft Genie SX-135XC telescopic boom lift, its largest self propelled lift to date.
The new lift is unloaded in Küfner's yard

The new boom lift features a mini X chassis, a telescopic articulating jib and dual platform capacity, 300kg unrestricted and 454kg when the telescopic jib is retracted. The maximum outreach is 27.4 metres with a working height of up to 43 metres.

The chassis has a working width of 3.94 metres and a transport width of 2.48 metres, while the jib tucks under for transport.
The handover

Owner, Michael Küfner said: “For us, it is an investment that our company is proud of. With this model we can enable our customers to carry out special operations that previously required other, more expensive and less efficient solutions.”

“When selecting our equipment, we take great care to only offer our customers high quality and reliable products from the respective market leaders. We have been working with Genie very happily for more than 20 years.”
(L-R) Lukas Gieger and Michael Küfner of Küfner with Markus Happ of Genie

Established in 1997, the company is based in Kulmbach, north east of Nuremburg, Bavaria and is a member of Partner Lift, the association of independent rental companies. It offers a wide range of aerial work platforms including truck and trailer mounts from 12 to 70 metres - Scissor lifts from 15 to 53ft, boom lifts from 33ft to the new 135ft Genie, spider lifts from 15 to 30 metres and mast booms. The company also offers telehandlers, compact, heavy duty and 360 degree up to 25 metres, trailer cranes and glazing robots.
The Küfner yard in Kulmbach a few years ago