LiftRoller and Byko team up

Norwegian material handling company LiftRoller has moved into the Icelandic market with the appointment of builders supply company Byko as its distributor.
(L-R) Helge Flesland of LiftRoller, Ivar Ole Wik owner of LiftRoller, Vignir Halldórsson of Byko, Eggert Framkvæmdastjóri fyrirtækjasvið of Byko and Fannar Páll Vilhjálmsson of Byko

LiftRoller designs and manufacturers a range of innovative equipment for moving heavy, bulky building products into buildings or around the site. They include cantilever loader platforms for cranes or telehandlers to place loads that can then be easily rolled into the building, and a wheel transporter that can take loads from a roller platform or directly from a truck and transport them directly to where they are required.
The LiftRoller e wagon

The company switched from pure sales to a combination of sales and rental in order to help accelerate the adoption of the concept. Byko will follow the same strategy in Iceland and has already purchased sales inventory equipment that will be available to rent.
The LiftRoller Wall

Byko was established in 1962 when Gudmundur Jónsson and Hjalti Bjarnason opened their first store in Kópavogur on the south side of Reykjavík. Today the company runs five large building material stores and also operates a rental service that offers tools, ladders and scaffold towers, and shortly LiftRoller products. It also runs a timber business in Latvia and is part of Norvik holding.
Byko staff observe Liftroller in action on a job site in Bergen

Liftroller is based in Bergen, Norway, and was set up in 2013, by Ivar Ole Wik who says that he got the idea for the Liftroller concept while working as a construction manager where he regularly had to tackle the challenges of moving materials, waste and equipment into and out of multi-storey buildings. Having experienced a number of near miss incidents and seen a fair few injuries, not to mention excessive time wasted on moving materials, he decided something needed to be done launching his first products in 2015.

Wik said: “We will reduce the number of injuries, accidents and health complaints linked to lifting operations and materials handling in the construction industry by offering the fastest, easiest and safest method for moving heavy objects into and out of buildings.”

The videos below show more details of some of the LiftRoller products