Three cranes over

A ship coming into the port of Kocaeli, near Istanbul in Turkey on Saturday took out three large ship to shore cranes.

The incident at the Evya port in the Körfez area of Kocaeli involved the Hong Kong registered YM Witness, a fully loaded 368 metre container ship, and was captured on several video cameras. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident as all of the cranes were unmanned at the time, and those on the ground had time to run clear.

A statement said: "An incident has occurred in the port of Kocaeli, involving a foreign vessel that was performing a manoeuvre while approaching the port under the control of the pilot. The vessel has collided with a number of cranes on the quayside.”

The video footage below says it all.

See also: youtube.com/shorts


Bleeding hell, there was more camera angles on that than a Mission Impossible stunt (Glad no-one was hurt)

Mar 20, 2024

Graeme Davison
There's never give you enough space on your insurance claim form to draw a little drawing of what happened is there ?

Mar 18, 2024

Glatisant Pellynore
If you've ever orbited maritime insurance, this is a good example of why the costs are so huge! Luckily no injuries, hopefully they can do a good investigation and make some proper berthing proceedure changes.

Mar 18, 2024