Another Sky

Swiss powered access specialist SkyAccess has created a new company to focus purely on sales and training.

The new company, or ‘spin off’ is SkyAccess Handel AG, (essentially Skyaccess Trading) remains a key part of the ‘SkyGroup’, owned and managed by Martin Vögtli. The existing Skyaccess business will now focus increasingly on real estate and renewable energy.


The new SkyAccess Handle company will be managed by Lukas Bielser who joined the ‘group’ in 2013 as a service engineer with the SkyService division, becoming a salesman with SkyAccess at the end of 2015, and sales managed in 2019. The new subsidiary joins, SkyService, the rental business WS-Skyworker and SkyAccess within the SkyGroup. He began his career in 2009 as car mechanic with Gebrüder Babbi, leaving for SkyService four years later.
Lukas Bielser

SkyAccess traces its roots back to 1984 when a small rental company - Werner Spinnler imported its first work platform, a Denka from Denmark. Martin Vögtli acquired the company in 1995 and changed the name to WS Skyworker in 2002. He later added SkyService and then SkyAccess. He had previously worked with as a project manager for waste handing company Hunkeler Systems, having started out in 1982 as technician with foundation specialist Grueter leaving for Hunkeler after three years.
Martin Vögtli

SkyAccess has represented Hinowa, Denka, Skyjack, Klubb, Niftylift, CTE, Almac and Hy-Brid Lifts, and also has a successful used equipment sales operation.

The group is organising a major open day to showcase the group as a whole on September 27th and 28th at its headquarters in Oensingen, between Solothurn and Olten almost equidistant to Berne, Basle and Zurich.