Hiabs new hybrid cranes

Hiab has launched a new line of electric/hybrid loader cranes that can be run from the chassis engine or a battery driven ePTO called the Hiab wspr - pronounced as Whisper, presumably because it is quiet?

The wspr cranes have duplicate systems using the chassis engine driven PTO (Power Take-Off) and hoses etc as usual, and the separate electric PTO (ePTO), which uses a battery pack to feed an electric motor running a second hydraulic pump to power the crane. On most models the ePTO is mounted within the crane's base for easy mounting on the chassis, while the pack for the largest cranes is mounted on the side of the chassis.
The two different installation methods

The Standard ePTO covers most of the manufacturer's models and is capable of running the crane for a day or two in most applications, while the Light Duty version is tailored for smaller cranes used on simple drop off duties. The Heavy Duty model will run the crane for even longer or in more arduous applications - however the pack is too large to fit within the crane base. Recharge time from empty is around four hours, but the cranes can also be operated while plugged into a mains outlet.

Mattias Berglund of Hiab said: "A Hiab wspr solution, operated by electric power, is better for people and the planet as it is emission free and future proofs businesses for stricter regulations. By being emission free and near silent it also provides the flexibility to operate in low or no emission zones, or late at night, thereby increasing business opportunities. This is also providing a healthier working environment for operators and the communities they serve."

The Hiab wspr conserves the trucks battery to provide maximum range and operation time. When utilising electric power, the hybrid system provides comparable performance to diesel power while enhancing operational responsiveness due to its instant torque, like an electric vehicle. Should the battery run low during operation the operator can switch to the engine powered PTO to finish the job.
A standard model in operation

The Standard model can now be ordered globally, with the Light and Heavy Duty models due to be launched later this year.

The video below shows a little more