Grove duo for Neeb

German crane and heavy transport company, G.A Neeb has taken delivery of two Groves - a 100 tonne GMK4100L-2 and a 250 tonne GMK5250XL-1. The two cranes are part of a larger order.

The four axle GMK4100L-2 features a seven section 60 metre main boom and can be topped with a 9.7 to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway extension, with additional eight metre inserts available for a maximum tip height of 89 metres.
The GMK4100L-2 and GMK5250XL-1

The five axle GMK5250XL-1 features an eight section 78.5 metre main boom topped by an 18 metre bi-fold swingaway extension that can be extended to 34 metres with additional inserts. The GMK4100L-2 replaces a GMK4100L-1 which was used for four years.

Based in Wuppertal, G.A. Neeb was founded by Gustav Adolf Neeb in 1961 as Neeb Salvage and Towing Service. It entered the crane rental market in 1973 when it purchased a Grove truck mounted crane. In 1991 Gustav-Armin Neeb took over from his father and opened an office in Zaragoza, Spain. The company now operates in both Spain and Portugal, along with a joint venture - Neeb-Schuch - in Montreal, Canada. The company also works with partners in Romania. Its crane fleet ranges from spider cranes up to the 1,200 tonne All Terrains and crawlers as well as heavy recovery trucks.