Fatal shock

One man is dead and another serious injured after they came in to contact with an overhead power line in Bernos-Beaulac, between Bordeaux and Toulouse, France on Thursday March 28th.

The two men were part of a six man Enedis team working on high tension power lines, the two men were working from a vehicle mounted platform when they must have moved too close to a live line, allowing the power to arc to the lift electrocuting the one man, 35 and seriously burning the other, 32.

An investigation is ongoing.

Vertikal Comment

This is an odd one as Enedis maintains most of Frances electricity distribution network as and is a professional operator. Its staff are well equipped with aerial work platforms, most of which has insulated buckets – although we understand that in this case the power was 20,000 volts. It illustrates how even those who know what they are doing can get caught out.