Four Kobelcos for Crane Norway

Norwegian based crane rental company Crane Norway has purchased four of Kobelco’s new 250 tonne CKE2500G-4 lattice crawler cranes.

The new crane is one of Three Kobelco lattice cranes that have been re-engineered to its G-4 class, with new power units, new cabs and a new control system. The new models effectively take the manufacturer back into the European market, thanks to the new Stage V power units.
All four cranes will be equipped with a 61 metre booms and 61 metre luffing jibs. The deal was formally confirmed at Intermat last week with a traditional Japanese handover ceremony, to Crane Norway directors Trond Helge Skretting, Erik Andersen, Trond Strøm and Magnus Gulstad.
Trond Helge Skretting of Crane Norway (L) with Yosuke ‘Joe’ Nishio of Kobelco Construction at the handover in Paris last week

Kobelco Europe’s crane division director Masakazu Usami said: "We are pleased to congratulate Crane Norway on its decision to acquire four CKE2500G-4. The trust in our company reaffirms our dedication to delivering top notch products and services. We look forward to a continued partnership, supporting the company in achieving its goals."

Crane Norway’s managing director Trond Helge Skretting added: “Fostering strong partnerships are essential pillars in our journey towards success. With dedication and forward thinking, we can achieve remarkable outcomes together. This purchase underscores our confidence in the capabilities and performance of this latest model from Kobelco.”

Crane Norway was part of Nordic Crane, as business jointly with Kynningsrud, from 2008 until 2016. Crane Norway as it became is based in Sandnes, near Stavangar’s Sola Airport south of the city and covers the country through a further 12 locations or outlets, they are: - Crane Norway Oslo, Crane Norway South, Crane Norway West, Crane Norway Mid-Norway, Crane Norway Nord, Crane Norway Engineering, Kranringen, Odda Kran, TM Kran, K.Bull, Taklift, Kranentreprenøren. The rental fleet includes mobile cranes from three to 500 tonnes, crawler cranes from 100 to 650 tonnes as well as a fleet of trucks with loader cranes up to 185 tonne/metres.