Kobelco upgrades

Kobelco has announced upgrades to three of its more popular crawler cranes to a new G-4 configuration.
They include the 100 tonne CKE900G-4, the 150 tonne CKE1350G-4 and the 250 tonne CKE2500G-4. Boom and jib configurations remain the same and are as follows:

CKE900G-4 Maximum boom length is 61 metres, while the maximum jib is 18.3 metres with up to 30 degrees of offset. Maximum tip height is 70 metres (51.8m + 18.3m).

CKE1350G-4 Maximum regular boom is 76.2 metres, although an 82.3 metre ‘Long Boom’ option is available. Jib options include a 30.5 metre fixed jib, or a luffing jib of up to 53.3 metres. The maximum tip height is 92 metres with the fixed offset jib (61 metres plus 30.5 metres) or 70 metres with the luffer (47.9 +53.2m).

CKE2500G-4 Maximum boom is 91.4 metres, while jib options include the 30.5 metre fixed jib, or a 61 metre luffing jib. The maximum tip height is 105 metre with the fixed offset jib (76.2m + 30.5m) or 123 metres with the luffer (61m+61m).

Key changes appear to be limited to updated engines, changing from Hino to new six cylinder Isuzu Stage V power units, along with a new cab and updated controls. The upgrade is more significant for the two larger models which had not yet been upgraded and were still G-2 models with Stage IV diesels. The changes effectively returns them to the European market in the new year.

The new cab has improved visibility, with the elimination of the cross bar between windscreen and skylight, while the wiper motor has been repositioned to a low position to avoid obstruction, at the same time it provides a wider swept area to improve visibility when raining. Other changes include improved air conditioner outlets that can direct airflow so that it reaches the operator's waist, neck, and face area. In addition, a newly designed duct is said to more efficiently cool the space.

The seat is wider than on previous models, with greater adjustment to both seat and lever stand position. Other features include a light touch sliding door, Bluetooth and a handsfree mobile phone mount.

Environmental/full efficiency improvements
The cranes also feature Kobelco's G Mode environment/fuel efficiency features, such as the G Winch which provides high winch speed without raising the engine speed, G Engine which is said to improve fuel consumption by at least 10 percent and an Auto Idle Stop function.