Big artic trio

Chinese aerial lift manufacturer Dingli has launched three new large articulated boom lifts - the 112ft BA36T, 128ft BA41RT and the138ft BA44RT.

All three follow Dingli’s modular design with most components shared both between models and with the company’s BT straight telescopic range. They all employ twin telescopic booms, a three section lower boom, three section top boom and an articulated jib. The main differences between the models are the length of the upper and lower boom sections, which also provide a little more up & over height and outreach.
All models have three section upper and lower booms topped by a jib

The BA44RT working envelope

All units have an unrestricted/maximum platform capacity of 272kg and a high specification, with standard four wheel drive and four wheel steer, secondary guarding, power to the platform and telematics. All three also offer decent below ground reach, ranging from six to 9.65 metres.
The new models' specifications alongside main competitors

The first units are diesel powered, the all-electric and hybrid power packs from the telescopics will also be available making for a nine model product range.

When it comes to transport, the jib tucks under without increasing overall height, while the overall lengths are all less than 12 metres, making it possible to transport them in a standard trailer or shipping container.
Loaded on a trailer

Dingli claims that it is the only manufacturer that can do this...whether that is true or not we are not sure, the Genie and Haulotte are well over 12 metres long which rules them out, while the JLG is 2.49 metres wide which probably precludes it too, depending on whether special shipping wheels can reduce that sufficiently? It all depends on the width over the hub reduction gear.
Squeaking into a container space

As with competitors in this category - Genie, Haulotte and JLG - the new Dingli models feature swing out ‘axles’/chassis frames which extend the working width while reducing the wheel base/chassis length. Dingli’s is slightly different in that they use its patented ‘One-click’ system allowing the width to be changed without needing to drive forward or backwards.
The video below shows the swing out chassis in action

Vertikal Comment

This is an interesting area for Dingli to expand in to, given that there are really only three products offered in this category, the 135ft Genie ZX 135/70 - a veteran of the sector - JLG’s 125ft 1250AJP and the Haulotte HA41RTJ. Zoomlion has the 105ft ZA32J but does not really compare - although it does fill the gap between 86ft and130ft models.

Why Dingli felt it needed three models rather than just going with the 138ft BA44RT is a mystery... probably because it could. The company’s modular architecture and state of the art manufacturing system make doing it so easy, but it does add to an already ‘cluttered’ product line. Traditionally the secret was to keep the product line simple making it easier for distributors, salesman and marketing, not to mention engineering documentation, testing and certification.

I imagine that most dealers and company stores will choose one of the three to market, based on the performance and overall weight that best suits their customers.

In terms of the overall specification the new models look good and compare well with the existing offerings, and could encourage a good few smaller rental companies with fleets that currently stop at 86ft booms, to enter this sector of the market.

The big question is though, will Dingli's entry into the market sector ‘set it alight’, as its move into big heavy duty scissor lift market did a few years back?