Böcker launches LiftPlanner

Aluminium crane manufacturer Böcker has launched a new 'LiftPlanner' software for its cranes allowing crane operations to be fully planned in advance. The software simulates configurations helping verify and plan machine setup before leaving the branch.

The LiftPlanner is integrated as an additional module within the BöckerConnect portal, and is available for the latest Böcker truck and trailer crane models. It uses the same data, load charts and range diagrams as the crane's live control system.
The new LiftPlanner software

The configuration options include the various outrigger posirtions, boom configuraitons and slew position along with the weight of the load. Buildings or obstacles can easily be added and displayed as can the dimensions of the load and lifting gear length. Based on these parameters, LiftPlanner shows the crane's permissible working range and uses colour coding to warn of impossible configurations. It calculates the expected ground pressure for each outrigger based on the specific project.

Simulation results can be saved in LiftPlanner for each project and exported as a PDF. This document includes all planned parameters and can be used for authorisation.